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  1. hi, m very glad to tell u dat ur form customizer is working properly. I don know u but Really u r genius.I have used ur form customizer to create my contact and feedback page. Currently m working on a site http://celesta2009.co.cc . this is a website for cultural festival in my college. Its my luck dat i got ur site anyhow.Really its great deed. Can I know how u have created this comment tool. I want it for website development of my college. Thanx in advance for any help.

  2. Hello Sir,
    there is a problem i have faced while using ur form customizer. If I submits the form without any entry it redirects to the given without giving an error of required field. what should I do for error check? thanx in advance for any help.

  3. could you modify this so that it redirects the user to a specified site at the browser level and not within an iframe?

    let me know if there is any easy mod for this.


    1. Joshua,

      Actually, what you’re requesting is what the tool was designed to do. It only uses the iframe as a target to submit the form to, but after the form is submitted, it should redirect the user to the specified url at the browser level. Are you experiencing something different? Please fill me in on your browser specifics and a live example if possible.

  4. I guess I am just experiencing something weird then.

    Go to joshware.co.cc, click on Contact Me at the top, and that is where the form is.

    When I submit the form, the iframe is loaded where the form was…

    Thanks for helping me figure this out.

    1. it is probably iWeb’s fault, but there should still be a way to fix this

    2. i am using safari 4, there is a chance it is safari’s fault

  5. Joshua,

    It looks like there’s a script on the page that is putting the form in an iframe with the id of widget1-frame. The form also contains an iframe, so there’s now an iframe in an iframe. If you create a thank you page that is not within the template then it should work the way you want it to.

  6. Joshua, it only uses the iframe to submit the form to, not redirection. Try replacing window.location with window.top.location in the code generated by the form tool. This should work. Let me know.

  7. BTW, I don’t see a submit button on the form. I think the iframe used in your website template is too small and keeping the submit button hidden.

  8. Excellent tool. I did find a bug with the form validation, however. The form onsubmit function call is not generating the full id number of the required fields (for instance, it is generating “1,1,2,3,5…” instead of , “1,11,12,23,35…”). Manually adding the full IDs resolved the issue and the validation worked perfectly.

    I just wanted to provide that feedback to help you make this tool better.

    Again, great work. I’ve already started recommending Google Docs Form Tool.


    - Dan

  9. I am trying to do this w/o using an iframe so it will work on a Blackberr 8300 model. Is this possible?

  10. Hi, I am using iWeb and made a from with google docs and inserted it as a snipped.. and changed redirection.. but the problem is the confirmation page shows up as a sort of iFrame.. is it possible to redirect the whole page where the form is placed in please???

  11. Ryan, try replacing “window.location” with “window.top.location” in the code generated by the form tool.

  12. Hi, I’ve tried this tool and am experiencing an image problem… When I do it through the normal google doc embed so there are graphics and images (theme) however this does not show up here.

  13. Hi, I just tested your example with JavaScript turned off and it doesn’t seem to degrade well. The form just stays put when clicking submit. Do you have any plans to add some graceful JS degradation? Even if it’s just defaulting to the standard Goggle confirmation page if JS is turned off?

  14. Hi,

    I’m trying to use this awesome tool. After completing the required fields and clicking submit I get an error on Safari saying “Can’t open page because the connection has been lost”.

    Any thoughts to why?


  15. hello,

    I think it’s not working under mac (tried both safari and firefox)
    and ideas?

    Best regards,

  16. This tool seems too good to be true! Unfortunately, the generator does not seem to be working for me. In both Firefox and Safari, I am redirected to a blank page. I think it’s getting caught up on the server. Any suggestions?

  17. Hi, thanks for this excellent tool. When will it be available again?, I really need it ASAP.
    Can you please send me a modified “live form” source code, using the “Body only” option?

  18. excuse the ignorance, but just where on the form (code) do I place the sneaky sheep code to redirect my google form back to my site?

  19. Thank you so much for figuring this out for us! I had been having the iframe issue, but now that I changed the code from window.location to window.top.location like you suggested, it seems to be working fine.

  20. First I want to say…thank you for creating this tool!!! I was able to embed the form in my site and get submissions but I’m having a little issue with the redirection page. It shrinks the page, and then all of the pages thereafter. My thank you page has a link to return to the home page but I have to refresh the home page to get it back to the normal size and view all content. The website was designed with iweb. I’m not sure if that makes a difference. Let me know what you think. Thanks again!

    1. Tikisha,

      You may be experiencing the same issue described in the previous posts. Maybe by smaller you mean redirecting in a frame. Try replacing “window.location” with “window.top.location” in the code generated by the form tool.

  21. This still isn’t working for me, even with version 2. It seems to really throw the formatting off, and then the form doesn’t submit or redirect.

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