Google Forms Tool Version 2

Given the URL to your live Google form, this tool will generate the code for a customizable version of your form. Here's an example...


  • The generated code can be copied into a new .html file.
  • The user will be redirected to the specified address after form submission.
  • This tool doesn't work with multi-page forms.

68 thoughts on “Google Forms Tool Version 2

  1. If you get something about the “the document has moved” try changing your live form URL to HTTPS (instead of HTTP) at the beginning. It solved it for me.

  2. What this did was it enabled me to use the URL as a link instead of embedding, and chose a blank target. That way the person can stay on my page and just close the form.

  3. Got it to work on an html page and redirect that way, HOWEVER I couldn’t get it to redirect properly when I put the code within an email. The form shows up fine on the email, but it doesn’t redirect properly after I hit submit – any suggestions?

    1. I think it would be a bad idea to use the code in an email since the code contains JavaScript. My guess is that most email systems would prevent the JavaScript from running at all.

    2. One alternative would be to just place a link in the email to a page containing the code.

  4. Perfecto.
    Gracias a esto podré modificar completamente la apariencia del formulario para que combine con mi blog.
    Tremenda aplicación, muchas gracias.

    1. this tool will take your google docs form and once you submit the form, it will redirect you to the page of your choice, instead of the standard Thank You page. I’ve been trying to figure this code out by hand all morning until I came across this tool.

  5. Hi…I keep getting the message from Google that some tags are not permitted when I copy the code into my Google Sites website. I am not that familiar with HTML so was hoping this was my solution. Simply want to have the submit button redirect to another page on my site.

  6. Google seems to have changed some of their coding and this no longer works. Had it working in the past but now error checking does not work (users can submit a blank form). Also data is not getting to my spreadsheet anymore. Any ideas? Help.

    1. Version 2 of the tool was written to handle the new coding. Please let me know if it works for you. Thanks :)

    1. Yes, Myron, the old version works fine with the older version of Google forms. Version 2 works better with the recent version of Google forms. I have a personal preference for the way required fields are handled in the newer version of Google forms.

  7. Hi, thank you first of all for setting this up. It didn’t work for me but here’s what I’m doing.
    I went to the spread sheet, I copied the URL and I pasted. I got the code but it takes me to a login page. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Omar,

      This can happen if the form isn’t shared. Ensure the form’s share settings are set to ‘public’.

  8. Thanks so much for this. It was very helpful!

    One question though… this seems to validate all of my required fields except check-boxes. (I have a form that requires at least one check-box be selected). Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

    Thanks again

  9. This works, but the problem it’s doesn’t work in firefox, the form gets submitted in firefox but it’s does not get updated in google’s spreadsheet, i think the reason behind it is that in firefox you have to signin to fill the forms (the actual live form from google) but in the other browsers you don’t, interestingly enough when you try it with firefox private browsing mode, it doesn’t require any login! Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

  10. Hi there,

    This is a great tool. I am finding that in IE it does not always redirect correctly. My redirect goes to a Word document, which is fine in Chrome and Firefox, but IE seems to be intermittent.

    Any thoughts? Our IE is group policy controlled so everyone has the same settings (i.e. JavaScript). I also notice that for those who have problems with the redirect, the styling is not as it should be too.


  11. This is a great tool, I am just having one issue. On my form, I have checkboxes and radio buttons to select some options. On Desktop it seems to display fine, but on mobile, the checkboxes and radio buttons are not visible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  12. This form does not work in Internet Explorer, the data is submitted to google sheets but never takes user to confirmation page. Anyone know a workaround?

    1. I’ve been using this form code forever and am now noticing this new change. Have you found out why or a fix?

  13. It is strange. The first two forms I made were in English, then the following ones were in Indonesia. I didn’t find a fix so I just changed the html myself.

  14. I am also having the problem that the confirmation page won’t be loaded in Internet Explorer when I load the form. Has someone found a solution for this?

  15. I’ve been using customized Google Forms for a couple years now with great results. Today however, i’m seeing this message on submission for all my forms:

    “Oops, something went wrong.
    It looks like this form has been tampered with, and is no longer sending valid data. Please contact the owner of the site where you found this form.”

    Try the contact form at the bottom of for an example.

    Anyone else seeing the same?

  16. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m trying to put a form on Google Site, and have it redirect to a folder in Google Drive. I paste the text into an HTML block on a blank web page in Google Sites, and the formatting is messed up (not all questions are there, no submit button), but when I create an independent HTML file, and open that, it works perfectly. Does this not work on Google Sites?

  17. The spacing is weird for required fields. The asterisk ends up on the line below the question title instead of next to it. Is there something I can change in the code to fix that? Thank you,

  18. Hi. Love this but I can’t seems to get it working over multiple tabs. I have created a survey in 4 different languages. I have also created a page with 4 tabs to display these 4 surveys but somehow, only the survey in the 1st tab will work. Somehow the script to redirect for the other 3 survey won’t work. Is there something I can change to fix this? Thanks a lot.

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