Google Forms Tool Version 2

Given the URL to your live Google form, this tool will generate the code for a customizable version of your form. Here's an example...


  • The generated code can be copied into a new .html file.
  • The user will be redirected to the specified address after form submission.
  • This tool doesn't work with multi-page forms.

68 thoughts on “Google Forms Tool Version 2

  1. Thanks for this sneaky sheep! So this works to display my form but the submit button doesn’t work at all (no redirect and no data hits my sheet). I am imbedding it in a WordPress page.

    1. I wish I had read this comment earlier. Would have saved me a lot of time. The Submit button is not working at all. I redirected to and the Form colors were correct. I redirected to the page that I wanted to in my wp site and lost the colors. In neither case did the Submit button work. Try to figure out a work around.

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